How To: Aqua Borne Ceramic for Medical & Dental Facilities


How To: Aqua Borne Ceramic for Medical & Dental Facilities

            Aqua Borne Ceramic finishes are ideally suited to protect and beautify medical and dental facilities. Hospitals, clinics nursing homes, Doctor’s offices, Dentist’s offices, animal hospitals and all medical facilities can benefit from the use of Aqua Borne Ceramic finishes. These 100% acrylic water borne coatings can be used in tough applications where it was previously necessary to use an alkyd solvent-base coating. Aqua Borne Ceramic coatings adhere tenaciously to old alkyd and oil finishes. They dry to a hard, smooth impervious finish. Burnish resistance is greatly enhanced.

Aqua Borne Ceramic finishes contain ceramic microsphere’s which resist dirt and stains and promotes easy washing. Dirt and stains wash right off! The tough 100% acrylic resins hold up when heavy-duty cleaners such as 409, Fantastik, Challenger, quat and phenol-type cleaners are used. The hard, smooth film makes it difficult for mold and mildew to get started.

The products have extremely low odor. Dry times are very fast. Painting can be accomplished with a minimum of disruption. These products achieve most of their resistance properties overnight. Dirt and stains can be washed off the next day after application without fear of damaging the paint film. Products can be tinted to make almost 1500 colors.

Painters love the easy application. They like the way the product touches-up and the way the product does not picture-frame.  We have the Aqua Borne Ceramic available in all different finishes.