Make Sure Your Paints Match Perfectly

Make Sure Your Paints Match Perfectly

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Turn to Trio Paint for paint matching services in Davison or Burton, MI.

Paint matching might sound complicated, but it's actually pretty simple. The process is made possible by a machine called a spectrophotometer. Whether you bring us a paint sample, a book or a piece of fruit, we'll find its exact color match. You can trust us to help you find your color match, mix your paint and paint the interior or exterior of your structure.

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How do spectrophotometers work?

Looking for a dependable paint store? Look no further. Trio Paint specializes in paint matching services in Davison and Burton, MI.

Spectrophotometers measure colors electronically. They shine a light on an object and take readings of each wavelength of light that's reflected off the object. The readings are then transformed into color formulas so the paint can be mixed.

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